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AiRV-kunstnerne i Øksnes

Presentasjon av kunstnerne som skal ha sitt første opphold i Øksnes i juni:

Kristina Johnsen og Sébastien Van Malleghem:

Van Malleghem is a well renowned photographer from Belgium with published work in Time Magazine, The Washington Post and New York Times. Johnsen is a local Bø in Vesterålen born and raised-creative that works in the intersection between art and journalism, often while partnering up with international collaborators. In this collaboration we explore as a duo the authentic north and our goal is to capture the authentic spirit of our region.

We will tell stories from the coast and people through text, photo, videos and audio recordings.

Coping with harsh weather or sunny weather, long distances, changing policies and tough conditions - we are interested in the big picture of the north, and we tell it through the small stories.

We are planning to visit locals, fishermen, carpenters building and restoring boats, document the traditional way of life and its celebration in Øksnes, looking to find time witnesses, hermits, teenagers and compare their way of looking at the area. Also planning to look at the fishing industry and how they bring jobs to the area, and start-up that have ecological goals to protect the sea, the shore and the local ecosystem.

Cé Simonis:

I'm an author illustrator and I self publish artist books and visual narratives. During my stay in Øksnes I plan on using what I discover of the people, the nature, wildlife and the history there to create a small story of fiction that will be printed on my risograph machine.

I hope to be able to bring copies of the finished book during my second stay in October to share it with the people I will meet there. I'm looking forward to doing lots of sketching and painting and hopefully lots of walking and discovering and to making great encounters.

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