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What is AiRV?

Goals and ambitions

AiR Vesterålen is a comprehensive artist residency programme for our five municipalities in the Vesterålen islands. The project runs for four years, 2020 - 2024. Now entering the final year, we are not open for new applications.

The principal partners are Nordland Academy for Arts and Science (NAKV)Cultural Cooperation in Vesterålen (including the municipalities) and Museum Nord, along with their local partners:

  • Sortland (Sortland/Jennestad)- Jennestad galleri/atelier/Kunstnerhuset

  • Hadsel (Melbu) - Neptun Art/Science Lab, NAKV and Museum Nord

  • Bø (Vinjesjøen) - Bø museum/Friluftsgalleriet

  • Øksnes (Nyksund) - Nyksund

  • Andøy (Bleik) - Andøya Space

AiRV is Vesterålen’s collective boost of art with an international dimension, a firm local foundation, and

varying areas of focus in each place.

The objective of these residencies is to help develop identity, knowledge, awareness and experiences. We wish to make Vesterålen visible to others and to reinforce cultural cooperation in the region. The project is intended to leave visible traces and contribute towards local development and, not least, to dialogue.

The residencies will contribute to the overall project in creating new forms of engagement and community involvement, and also producing a final work that can be shared with the public.

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