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Presentasjon av de nye Hadsel-kunstnerne

En ny gruppe kunstnere overtar etter Mia Harris, Andrea Greenwood og Will Renel.

Det er en illustratør-duo fra Nederland og Belgi, Eva Hilhorst og Judith Vanistendael, og en designer fra Østerrike, Christian Witternigg, som driver med "kreativ koding".

De kommer til oss i september 2022, og vi gleder oss!

Les mer om våre nye Hadsel-kunstnerne under:

Eva Hilhorst og Judith Vanistendael

We are (comics) artists from the Lowlands (Netherlands and Belgium). We capture the world around us by drawing and writing.

During our first stay in Hadsel we will immerse in the beauty and impressiveness of the surroundings of the place, by drawing and painting what we see. The main focus of our project is climate change and migration in Europe. Climate change is huge and abstract, but it is also noticeable in our daily lives.

Our stay will be interactive: we will set up meetings where we invite people to have their portrait drawn in exchange for a chat and some stories. We are interested to hear stories of people’s personal experiences with climate change and migration to make the subject tangible. As Melbu houses the oldest asylum center of Norway, we would love to get in touch with the people involved there and listen to the stories they have to tell. The meetings are like being at the hairdressers, where there is time and attention for a good conversation. As a reward the participants will receive their portrait. We are looking forward to exploring the place and making a colorful and diverse reportage of Melbu and its inhabitants.

In our second stay we will give workshops in which we will teach people how to draw their own grassroots comics and prepare for Elvelangs, where the portraits and the stories will be on display.

Christian Witternigg

I’m curious about how people perceive themselves in connection with the landscapes and environments they inhabit. What shared beliefs bind us where the natural world is concerned, and where do these beliefs differ? How has technological progress altered and manipulated our relationships with the natural world, and how do we perceive these changes? I believe a journey to Vesterålen with its distinct elements will provide some answers. Eventually I intent to create an instrument serving as a hypothetical communication tool, utilising art as a connecting point between nature and humans.

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